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MYHockey Rankings Invitational Tournament Series Announcement

MYHockey Rankings and MYHockey Tournaments are excited to announce the MYHockey Rankings Invitational Tournament Series. These events will feature Tier 1, Tier 2 and High School teams, invited based on their placement in the Rankings.

The first event will be the MYHockey Rankings Tier 1 Elite Invitational which will take place September 1-4 in Philadelphia, PA.  Top Tier 1 teams from the season ending 2016-17 rankings will be invited to participate.  Invitations began going to invited teams on April 10.

A series of MYHockey Rankings Tier 2 Elite Invitational tournaments will be held September 29-October 1 in Chicago (for Squirt Major and Bantam Major Tier 2 teams), October 6-8 in Rochester, NY (for Pee Wee Minor and Bantam Minor Tier 2 teams), October 20-22 in Chicago (for Squirt Minor and Midget Major Tier 2 teams) and October 20-22 in Rochester, NY (for Pee Wee Major, Midget u15 and Midgetu16 teams).  Invitations began going out on April 10 to top Tier 2 teams from the season ending 2016-17 rankings.

The MYHockey Rankings High School Elite Invitational will be held December 27-29 in Philadelphia.  Top teams from many states, based on their rankings at MYHockey Rankings, will be invited to participate.  Invitations will begin going out on May 1.

The MYHockey Rankings Invitational tournament will culminate with the MYHockey Rankings Tier 1 Championship, March 23-25, in Chicago and the MYHockey Rankings Tier 2 Championship, March 23-25, in Philadelphia.  Champions will be crowned in the Squirt Major, Pee Wee Minor, Pee Wee Major and Bantam Minor age groups.  The top 24-ranked Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams, as of December 13, will be invited to participate in their respective Championships.  These will be coveted titles for teams as they end the season.

Start planning today by visiting our tournament website!

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