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MYHockey Introduces New Integration Tools

In attempt to continuously improve MYHockey, we are proud to announce two new integration tools for league and association websites. Our two new Application Programming Interface (API) adapters can enable leagues and associations to integrate their content with MYHockey rankings, improving timeliness, relevance and accuracy.

Our new LeagueAPI defines a standard way for league websites to publish all game results in a manner that allows MYHockey Rankings to automatically consume all new game scores reported to the league website. Configure once per season and each week, MYHockey will automatically add all new games scores from your league website. This virtually eliminates the human error factor on league game scores. It doesn't necessarily address all non-league games, but it can greatly assist leagues in making sure base level game data is included accurately in MYHockey Rankings.

Our new ClubAPI defines a standard way for associations/clubs to pull data from MYHockey Rankings and automatically include that data on the association website. Many clubs are having difficulty with the timely and accurate reporting of game data on club websites. Some of these same clubs have purchased MYHockey association memberships and are granting every team in their organization access to MYHockey Rankings and requesting that all game information be updated in MYHockey Rankings. Through ClubAPI this data can automatically be updated on team websites. It can also provide an entirely new level of detail on a team website concerning past or future opponents and their data from MYHockey Rankings. Want to automatically know the ranking of your next scheduled opponent? Use ClubAPI to build powerful new ways of displaying information about your team and your opponents.

LeagueAPI and ClubAPI do require website developers to learn our new APIs and spend some time coding customized web pages. For leagues and clubs who have purchased standardized website management services from vendors specializing in large scale sales of these services, these integrations may require enhancements by these vendors or some creativity on who to embed these features within their web pages. MYHockey Rankings is prepared to work with your league, club or website service provider in order to help you build, test and deploy these exciting new features. Contact Us to get started today.
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