MYHockey - Online Score Entry

Unregistered visitor online score entry is potentially problematic. Facts are facts, not everyone is honest. So, while MYHockey is allowing you to enter scores without registering as a member or volunteer, any scores you enter must be approved by a volunteer or they will not make it into the system. They could hang in limbo for the entire season if no volunteer exists that covers the teams that have played in your games. They can also be rejected by the volunteer if there is no supporting evidence and/or the score doesn't sound right. It's a judgement call, but MYHockey would rather miss out on a few valid scores than enter invalid ones. That said, we need to collect some information about yourself and the teams that you are trying to report. Your email address will not be seen by the volunteer, but they will have the option to respond to your email if they reject it to let you know that you will need to provide additional details if it is to be accepted in the future. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.

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