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Final Rankings for the 2015-16 Season

Main Youth Rankings
USA Midget 18U Tier 1
1. Mid-Fairfield Chiefs
2. Shattuck St Mary Prep
3. Selects Academy @ SKS
4. Culver Academy Eagles Prep
5. Victory Honda
USA Midget 18U Tier 2
1. Affton Americans
2. St Lawrence Thunder
3. St Clair Shores Saints
4. Team Copper Country
5. Tonawanda Lightning
Ontario Midget AAA
1. Richmond Hill Coyotes
2. North York Rangers
3. Mississauga Rebels
4. Waterloo Wolves
5. London Jr Knights
USA Midget 16U Tier 1
1. Victory Honda
2. Chicago Mission
3. Shattuck St Mary
4. Team Wisconsin
5. Honeybaked
USA Midget 16U Tier 2
1. Ashburn Xtreme
2. Sno-King Jr Thunderbirds
3. Team Wisconsin
4. Naperville Sabres
5. Oakland Jr Grizzlies
USA Midget 15U Tier 1
1. Little Caesars
2. Honeybaked
3. Oakland Jr Grizzlies
4. Buffalo Jr Sabres
5. Belle Tire
  Ontario 00 AAA
1. York Simcoe Express
2. Toronto Marlboros
3. Mississauga Rebels
4. Toronto Jr Canadians
5. Toronto Red Wings
USA Bantam 01 Tier 1
1. Shattuck St Mary
2. Chicago Mission
3. Little Caesars
4. New Jersey Colonials
5. Mid-Fairfield Jr Rangers
USA Bantam 01 Tier 2
1. Sno-King Jr Thunderbirds A1
2. USA Eagles
3. Romeoville Huskies
4. Chesterfield Falcons
5. Oakland Jr Grizzlies
Ontario Bantam 01 AAA
1. Mississauga Rebels
2. London Jr Knights
3. Mississauga Reps
4. Vaughan Kings
5. Whitby Wildcats
USA Bantam 02 Tier 1
1. Little Caesars
2. ISS Kings
3. Chicago Mission
4. Syracuse Nationals
5. Westchester Express
USA Bantam 02 Tier 2
1. North Pittsburgh Wildcats
2. Troy Sting
3. Compuware
4. Green Mountain Glades
5. Cleveland Barons Selects
Ontario Bantam 02 AAA
1. Toronto Marlboros
2. Toronto Jr Canadians
3. North York Rangers
4. Eastern Ontario Wild
5. Mississauga Reps
USA Peewee 03 Tier 1
1. Belle Tire
2. Chicago Mission
3. LA Jr Kings
4. New Jersey Colonials
5. Mid-Fairfield Jr Rangers
USA Peewee 03 Tier 2
1. Rockford Roadrunners
2. Rochester Grizzlies
3. Highland Park Falcons
4. Anchorage North Stars
5. Palm Beach Blackhawks AA
Ontario Peewee 03 AAA
1. Don Mills Flyers
2. Toronto Nationals
3. Toronto Marlboros
4. Ottawa Senators
5. Toronto Titans
USA Peewee 04 Tier 1
1. Mid-Fairfield Jr Rangers
2. Honeybaked
3. Florida Alliance
4. Chicago Young Americans
5. Little Caesars
USA Peewee 04 Tier 2
1. Affton Americans
2. Highland Park Falcons
3. Michigan Ice Hawks
4. Chicago Bulldogs
5. Vernon Hills Ice Dogs
Ontario Peewee 04 AAA
1. Toronto Jr Canadians
2. Toronto Marlboros
3. Quinte Red Devils
4. London Jr Knights
5. Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
  USA Squirt 05 (All)
1. Philadelphia Little Flyers
2. Long Island Gulls
3. Chicago Mission
4. Anaheim Jr Ducks
5. Chicago Young Americans
Ontario Atom 05 AAA
1. Toronto Nationals
2. Toronto Titans
3. Toronto Marlboros
4. Oakville Rangers
5. York Simcoe Express
  USA Squirt 06 (All)
1. Minuteman Flames
2. Chicago Bulldogs
3. New Jersey Colonials
4. Boston Jr Terriers
5. Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
Ontario Atom 06 AAA
1. Toronto Jr Canadians
2. Toronto Marlboros
3. Mississauga Senators
4. Vaughan Kings
5. Markham Waxers
Additional Canadian Team Listings:
Ontario Midget AA
Ontario Midget 00 AA
Ontario Bantam 01 AA
Ontario Bantam 02 AA
Ontario Peewee 03 AA
Ontario Peewee 04 AA
Ontario Atom 05 AA
Ontario Atom 06 AA
Ontario Midget A
Ontario Midget 00 A
Ontario Bantam 01 A
Ontario Bantam 02 A
Ontario Peewee 03 A
Ontario Peewee 04 A
Ontario Atom 05 A
Ontario Atom 06 A
Ontario Midget B/C/D/AE/MD
Ontario Midget 00 B/C/D/AE/MD
Ontario Bantam 01 B/C/D/AE/MD
Ontario Bantam 02 B/C/D/AE/MD
Ontario Peewee 03 B/C/D/AE/MD
Ontario Peewee 04 B/C/D/AE/MD
Ontario Atom 05 B/C/D/AE/MD
Ontario Atom 06 B/C/D/AE/MD
Western Canada Midget
Western Canada Bantam
Western Canada Peewee
Quebec Midget
Quebec Bantam
Quebec Peewee
Eastern Canada Midget
Eastern Canada Bantam
Eastern Canada Peewee
All Canada Midget AAA
All Canada Bantam AAA
All Canada Peewee AAA
Minn-Kota Team Listings:
Minnesota Bantam AA
Minnesota Bantam A
Minnesota Bantam B
Minnesota Peewee AA
Minnesota Peewee A
Minnesota Peewee B
Minnesota Squirt A
North Dakota Bantam AA/A
North Dakota Bantam B
North Dakota Peewee A
North Dakota Peewee B
North Dakota Squirt A
South Dakota Bantam A
South Dakota Bantam B
South Dakota Peewee A
South Dakota Peewee B
South Dakota Squirt A
Prep School Team Listings:
New England Prep
USA Indep Prep
Canada Indep Prep
High School Team Listings:
Alabama HS
Alaska HS (All)
    - AK D4
    - AK D3
Arizona HS (All)
    - AZ D1
    - AZ D2
    - AZ D3
California HS (All)
    - CA D1
    - CA D2
    - CA D3
Colorado HS
Connecticut HS (All)
    - CT Div 1
    - CT Div 2
    - CT Div 3
Delaware HS
Florida HS
Georgia HS (All)
    - GA Class AA
    - GA Class A
Idaho HS
Illinois HS
Indiana HS
Iowa HS
Kansas HS
Kentucky HS
Maine HS (All)
    - ME Class A
    - ME Class B
Maryland HS
Massachusetts HS (All)
    - MA Div 1
    - MA Div 2
    - MA Div 3
    - MA Div 3A
Michigan HS
Minnesota HS (All)
    - MN Class AA
    - MN Class A
Missouri HS
Montana HS
Nebraska HS
New Hampshire HS (All)
    - NH Division I
    - NH Division II
    - NH Division III
New Jersey HS (All)
    - NJ Private
    - NJ Public
    - NJ South Club
New Mexico HS
New York HS (All)
    - NY Division 1
    - NY Division 2
    - NY Private Schools
    - NY AAU Club
    - NY USA Hockey Club
North Dakota HS
Ohio HS (All)
    - OH OHSAA
    - OH USA Hockey
Oklahoma HS
Oregon HS
Pennsylvania HS (All)
    - PA Eastern AAA
    - PA Eastern AA
    - PA Eastern A
    - PA Western D1 AAA
    - PA Western D1 AA
    - PA Western D1 A
    - PA Western D2
Rhode Island HS
South Carolina HS
South Dakota HS
Tennessee HS
Texas HS
Utah HS
Vermont HS
Virginia HS
West Virginia HS
Wisconsin HS
Wyoming HS

Manitoba HS
Ontario HS
Junior Team Listings:
USA Junior - Tier I (USHL)
USA Junior - Tier II (NAHL)
USA Junior - Tier III
Canada Major Junior
Canada Jr A
Canada Jr B
College Team Listings:
NCAA Mens D1 NCAA Mens D3  
CIS Mens Canadian College Mens  
ACHA Mens D1 ACHA Mens D2
    - ACHA D2 - Central
    - ACHA D2 - Northeast
    - ACHA D2 - Southeast
    - ACHA D2 - West
ACHA Mens D3
    - ACHA D3 - Atlantic
    - ACHA D3 - North
    - ACHA D3 - Pacific
    - ACHA D3 - South
Indep Club Teams NJCAA
Girls Team Listings:
USA Girls 19U Tier 1
USA Girls 16U Tier 1
USA Girls 14U Tier 1
USA Girls 12U Tier 1
USA Girls 19U Tier 2
USA Girls 16U Tier 2
USA Girls 14U Tier 2
USA Girls 12U Tier 2
Minnesota Girls 15U A
Minnesota Girls 12U A
Canada Girls 20U Tier 1
Canada Girls 17U Tier 1
Canada Girls 14U Tier 1
Canada Girls 12U Tier 1
Canada Girls 20U Tier 2
Canada Girls 17U Tier 2
Canada Girls 14U Tier 2
Canada Girls 12U Tier 2

Ontario Girls 17U BB / 17U B
Ontario Girls 14U BB / 14U B
Ontario Girls 12U BB / 12U B
Minnesota Girls HS (All)
    - MN Class AA
    - MN Class A
North Dakota Girls HS
South Dakota Girls HS
Michigan Girls HS
Illinois Girls HS
Wisconsin Girls HS
Massachusetts Girls HS (All)
    - MA Div 1
    - MA Div 2
New Hampshire Girls HS
New York Girls HS
Rhode Island Girls HS
New England Girls Prep USA Indep Girls Prep Canada Girls Prep
NCAA Womens D1 NCAA Womens D3 CIS Womens
ACHA Womens D1 ACHA Womens D2  

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