“MYHockey. Your Hockey” Episode 2: Patrick O’Sullivan

Tune in to Episode 2 of “MYHockey. Your Hockey”. Listen to Neil and Bernie talk about Canadian Hockey Tournament results, Bernie’s trip to Blackhawk’s rookie camp in Traverse City as well as a great discussion about coaches who coach for the rankings vs player development. Later in the episode we are honored to be joined by Patrick O’Sullivan, former 2nd round draft pick of the Minnesota Wild and author of “Breaking Away”. It is not a story that people want to hear, but it is a story that every hockey parent and administrator needs to hear. Tune in for an incredible episode!

For those interested in purchasing a copy of Patrick’s book “Breaking Away”, here is a link: https://www.amazon.com/Breaking-Away-Harrowing-Resilience-Courage/dp/1443444669



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