MYHockey - Membership Benefits

MYHockey is once again offering a Premium Membership for the 2016-17 season. While a membership allows you to support MYHockey and ensure its long-term success, it also enables you to access a membership portal with a number of advanced features available exclusively to members. At only $24.95 (USD), take a look at what a MYHockey Premium Membership offers:

Public Site

Private Site

Basic Information

Age-Level Rankings included included
Associations/Divisions/Leagues included included
Hockey Nerd included included
Tournament Listing not included included

Advanced Information/Capabilities

Customizable Members Portal
not included included
Enter Game Scores
Limited included
Schedule Future Games
not included included
Enter Rosters (Bantam & up)
not included included
Weekly History
not included included
Personalized Game Summary
not included included
Track Player Stats
not included included
Publish Player Stats (Bantam & up)
not included included
Publish Team Trophy Info
not included included
Download Scores, Stats, Summaries
not included included
Customizeable Divisions
not included included
Graph Ratings
not included included
YouTube Videos
not included included

New Association Memberships Now Available!

MYHockey is excited to offer Association Membership! Save money and get a membership for each team in your association. Help your teams keep their information up to date, timely and accurate. Buy once, distribute to all! Additional Information:





Small 5 or less $69
Medium 6 - 10 $129
Large 11 - 20 $199
XL 21 or more $299

Membership Demo Account

MYHockey has created a demonstration account that you can login to and check it out. This account has data from last season on a randomly selected team. You are free to manipulate anything you have access to.

Login to Demo Account

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