2024-25 Rankings will be Released Wednesday September 25, 2024. Prior to this release, you can find the pre-season team listings and/or previous season rankings below.

USA Girls 16U & 19U Team Listings
USA Main USA Districts - 19U USA Districts - 16U
  USA Girls 19U All
USA Girls 19U Tier 1 Tournament Bound
USA Girls 19U Tier 2 Tournament Bound

USA Girls 16U All
USA Girls 16U Tier 1 Tournament Bound
USA Girls 16U Tier 2 Tournament Bound

USA Indep Girls Prep
New England Girls Prep
Atlantic District 19U All
Central District 19U All
Massachusetts District 19U All
Michigan District 19U All
Mid-Am District 19U All
Minnesota District 19U All
New England District 19U All
New York District 19U All
Northern Plains District 19U All
Pacific District 19U All
Rockey Mountain District 19U All
Southeastern District 19U All
Atlantic District 16U All
Central District 16U All
Massachusetts District 16U All
Michigan District 16U All
Mid-Am District 16U All
Minnesota District 16U All
New England District 16U All
New York District 16U All
Northern Plains District 16U All
Pacific District 16U All
Rockey Mountain District 16U All
Southeastern District 16U All
Canada Girls U18 & U22 Team Listings
Canada Main Ontario Additional Canada
  Canada Girls U22 Tier 1
Canada Girls U22 Tier 2

Canada Girls U18 Tier 1
Canada Girls U18 Tier 2
Ontario Girls U22 AA
Ontario Girls U22 A

Ontario Girls U18 AA
Ontario Girls U18 A
Ontario Girls U18 BB
Ontario Girls U18 B
Ontario Girls U18 C
Western Canada Girls U18 All
Eastern Canada Girls U18 All
Quebec Girls U18 All

Canada Girls Prep
USA Girls 14U & Canada Girls U15 Team Listings
USA & Canada Main USA Districts 14U Ontario & Regional U15
  USA Girls 14U All
USA Girls 14U Tier 1 Tournament Bound
USA Girls 14U Tier 2 Tournament Bound

Minn-Kota Girls 15U A
Minn-Kota Girls 15U B

Canada Girls U15 Tier 1
Canada Girls U15 Tier 2
Atlantic District 14U All
Central District 14U All
Massachusetts District 14U All
Michigan District 14U All
Mid-Am District 14U All
Minnesota District 14U All
New England District 14U All
New York District 14U All
Northern Plains District 14U All
Pacific District 14U All
Rockey Mountain District 14U All
Southeastern District 14U All
Ontario Girls U15 AA
Ontario Girls U15 A
Ontario Girls U15 BB
Ontario Girls U15 B
Ontario Girls U15 C

Western Canada Girls U15 All
Eastern Canada Girls U15 All
Quebec Girls U15 All

USA Girls 12U & Canada Girls U13 Team Listings
USA & Canada Main USA Districts 12U Ontario & Regional U13
  USA Girls 12U All

Minn-Kota Girls 12U A
Minn-Kota Girls 12U B

Canada Girls U13 Tier 1
Canada Girls U13 Tier 2
Atlantic District 12U All
Central District 12U All
Massachusetts District 12U All
Michigan District 12U All
Mid-Am District 12U All
Minnesota District 12U All
New England District 12U All
New York District 12U All
Northern Plains District 12U All
Pacific District 12U All
Rockey Mountain District 12U All
Southeastern District 12U All
Ontario Girls U13 AA
Ontario Girls U13 A
Ontario Girls U13 BB
Ontario Girls U13 B
Ontario Girls U13 C

Western Canada Girls U13 All
Eastern Canada Girls U13 All
Quebec Girls U13 All

USA Girls 10U & Ontario Girls U11 Team Listings
USA Main USA Districts 10U Ontario U11
  USA Girls 10U All

Minn-Kota Girls 10U A
Minn-Kota Girls 10U B
Atlantic District 10U All
Central District 10U All
Massachusetts District 10U All
Michigan District 10U All
Mid-Am District 10U All
Minnesota District 10U All
New England District 10U All
New York District 10U All
Northern Plains District 10U All
Pacific District 10U All
Rockey Mountain District 10U All
Southeastern District 10U All
Ontario Girls U11 AA
Ontario Girls U11 A
Ontario Girls U11 BB
Ontario Girls U11 B
Ontario Girls U11 C
Girls Prep & High School Team Listings
Girls Prep Girls High School (A-M) Girls High School (N-Z)
  USA Indep Girls Prep
New England Girls Prep

Canada Girls Prep
Connecticut Girls HS
Illinois Girls HS
Maryland Girls HS
Massachusetts Girls HS (All)
    - MA Div 1
    - MA Div 2
Michigan Girls HS
Minnesota Girls HS (All)
    - MN Class AA
    - MN Class A
New Hampshire Girls HS
New Jersey Girls HS
New York Girls HS
North Dakota Girls HS
Rhode Island Girls HS
South Dakota Girls HS
Vermont Girls HS
Wisconsin Girls HS
Womens College Team Listings
  NCAA Womens D1 NCAA Womens D3 U SPORTS Womens

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